Tangible goals update for Q1 2013

Three solid months have passed since I posted my tangible goals for 2013. April is mostly over as well, so let’s see where I stand.

  1. Write a tangible goal list. DONE, duh!
  2. Launch twinwork.net. It’s up there. I consider it launched. I still need to port over more articles, but the new site is out there!
  3. Create a photography/portfolio blog. What? this is on here? I totally didn’t remember this one. I should take a look at this project over the summer.
  4. Learn 2 lead rifts in 3 keys on the guitar. Okay, I need to make an addendum to this one. I haven’t learned any lead rifts yet, but I’m getting way better at key signatures, transposing, and improved my singing. So if I don’t hit this specific goal, not a big deal. This is the only guitar/music-related goal on the list and I’m still progressing in this area.
  5. Serve in at least one ministry at Newsong. DONE! I’m not even counting of me being a leader in my small group either! So during Lent a few people from the Young Adults group wanted to do a 6AM Morning Prayer ministry every Tuesday and Thursday. Well, it was such an awesome experience during Lent that we decided to keep going! Yup! You read that right, six ‘o clock in the morning! I lead (open up) selected mornings, so that counts as a ministry!And from that morning prayers, some people felt compelled to reach out and feed the hungry in Santa Ana. We dubbed it the Muffin Ministry and I somehow got nominated to co-lead that ministry. So take that number five on the list!
  6. Find and learn from at least one mentor. This is a work in progress. I have found possible mentors, but they haven’t quite completely embraced that mentoring role. Either way, I have found individuals that I am able to look up to and learn from.
  7. Find one person to mentor. The results are still very similar to the one above. Though, there is one person I found that I’ve been helping through his faith and his trials. I don’t know if I could officially call it mentoring, but it’s still fun pour into his life from what I’ve learned from my own.
  8. Post a story to singlethread.org once a month. This is still going strong! I know there’s a number of stories that are password protected (for good reason), but I’m still posting them!
  9. Fly to Hawaii to see Joel (and Iron Man 3) to celebrate our 20th friendiversary. This is happening later this week. I won’t cross it out until I get back.
  10. …And fly Joel out here to see Hillsong. Pending goal…
  11. Build that new computer! I’m seriously downgrading this goal. As much as I want it, I don’t really see this benefiting me in the short term (this year). If anything I might just pony up to get a Macbook Pro (Retina) or a Macbook Air when the CPUs get upgraded to Intel’s Haswell.
  12. Buy that D800 & 105mm macro lens. It’s very similar to the above. My photography was driving the need for a new computer and I just haven’t found myself shooting that much. I imagine I’ll actually end up buying the macro lens before year’s end.By the way, achieving points 11 and 12 would have cost me about $10,000. I think it’s wiser for me to hold on to that in the event God needs me to disperse those resources elsewhere…
  13. Be her Adam for your Eve. You’ve seen the titles for the protected posts. It seemed like that goal was going to be met, but not quite yet… Apparently God has other plans for me where I should stay in complete singleness. I’m hoping this state isn’t for an extended period of time…

That’s 3 of 13 that are completely done. There are 5 of 13 that are definitely in progress. I’d say this is pretty good progress!