Thirteen Tangible Goals for 2013

Well, it’s actually 12.

2013 is Going to be Easy

Within the last remaining weeks of 2012, I had an idea to do an Instagram/Facebook post of “13 tangible goals for 2013” where the joke really  is the first goal already being crossed out late in 2012 because the goal itself was to write said list. I posted the list and got its share of “likes” on their respective social sites. Then I took a look at the list again, and I though to myself, “I think this list is actually doable.” The list isn’t too broad and for the most part I already know the first steps to accomplish much of the list. So here’s the list and the explanation for it all.

1. Write a tangible goal list for 2013.

My exact words were:

2013 is going to be easy. I already finished one goal before the new year.1

Sweet, got that one out of the way!

2. Launch

This is a pet project that I’ve been working on the last couple of months. I always wanted to relaunch my “techie” website for the last couple of years where I focus in software development and merge (and update) Twinwork NOTES. I’m close. Very close. I expect to “beta” launch the dev blog some time in February with a dozen or so migrated articles from the original NOTES. I expect to do a full marketed launch via the Twitter-verse and name-your-social-site-here by the middle of this year. The development behind this “site” is actually a launching pad for any other web application I create going forward. This is pretty important to me because this will set myself for a new tangible goal for 2014.

3. Create a photography/portfolio blog

I don’t have a normal portfolio website to show off my creations. I figure I’d start with just my photography work in case I get a call for some freelance work. Whether or not I do get work from said site is not the goal, it’s the idea that I am able to show off the non-techie-creative side of me. Between Twinwork, Single Thread, and this new photography site, I’ll be pretty busy generating content.

4. Learn 2 lead rifts in 3 keys on the guitar

That’s what I wrote verbatim, but I really meant learn two common lead scales in three common keys. Notice I didn’t just put “practice the guitar every other day” or “learn to play the guitar better” or something along those lines. For this particular goal, I knew I needed to add something very specific to it. It also already has built-in milestones: 2 scales in 3 keys gives it 6 milestone points.

This is also a stepping stone goal. Again, the broader idea is to “be better at playing the guitar”, but writing out tangible steps as the goal and accomplishing it might just motivate me to learn more scales in more keys and I will get better at playing.

5. Serve in at least one ministry at Newsong

I’ve been out of doing any consistent church ministry for probably about 7 years now. God tells me I need to serve. It’s a desire and a command that I need to do this. As for where? I have no idea. The new church I’ve been going to has a number of ministries where I could get involved as well as a service where you can consult with them to help you discover where you can best serve. This idea is extremely important to me. Organizations need to put the right people in the right roles. Even if that organization is mainly ran by volunteers. I could serve in any ministry at the moment until I finish my FLOW consultation with Newsong, but it’s not like I’m doing absolutely nothing now. (Oh yeah, and I finally did finish the three worksheets for FLOW, so all I need to do is turn it in and wait for the appointment!)

As mentioned in my 2012 review, God has placed me in two groups: the young adults group at Newsong and a brand new small group. Sure, my current involvement in both groups isn’t formal enough to earn me any “ministry credits”2, but I feel I’m involved with a community and I firmly believe I have so much experience and knowledge in the waiting and suffering in my 20s where I can totally empathize with people in those groups. But I will find a solid, consistent ministry to be a part of at my new church!

6. Find and learn from at least one mentor

No doubt this is going to be difficult for me. I’m hoping the more I get involved in the church, I will be able to find a leader and identify him or her as that mentor role.

7. Find one person to mentor

Wait, what? How does that work? A pastor once told me that we should have these three things in life for learning (mentorships?): have a mentor, have equals or peers in your field, and be a mentor. It’s also implied this is for your field, but it could also be life in general. For me, professionally, I have many peers in my field to consult with. I don’t have a single go-to mentor who is also teaching me his ways. In turn, I also don’t have my own apprentice to mentor.3

For both mentor-related goals, I’m actually talking about in my discipline and learning God’s Word and discovering more about myself how I fit in God’s plan. I so desperately want to find a mentor to accomplish that as well as find someone I can impart my own experience and knowledge. These are going to be difficult goals.

8. Post a story to once a month

Again, verbatim, but I really meant some kind of post to this site at least once a month (sure beats once a year, right?). Hey! January is done with!

9. Fly to Hawaii to see Joel (and Iron Man 3) to celebrate our 20th friendiversary!

Joel is one of my best friends. I couldn’t believe we’ve known each for 20 years. Sure, like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. We shared a long history, and one of these days I would love to tell part of his story.

So what’s the deal with Iron Man 3? Well, back in 2010, Joel dropped me a text one week and asked me what was I doing the following weekend. At the time, chances are I was probably planning on doing some kind of raid in World of Warcraft. He told me I should come out to Hawaii to see Iron Man 2. Yeah, and that’s exactly what I did. I figure I should book my ticket by February and I’ll be good to go on this goal!

10. …And fly Joel out here to see Hillsong

Hillsong will be out here doing a concert in LA some time in the fall. Joel is the one that told me about it. He really wants to come out here and see them. He’s still figuring out the logistics how that will happen. I don’t know if he was just planning on coming out here for a few days by himself or with his entire family. I figure I’d surprise him and just fly him out here. I haven’t told him anything about it… so, Joel, if you manage to stumble upon this post… surprise, I’ll fly you out to SoCal!

11. Build that new computer!

This computer I’m typing this article on is getting old. I mean, it works just fine as long as I need to surf the web, listen to iTunes or Spotify, and add these posts in Word Press, but when it comes to development, it’s painful. It’s time to upgrade—something I’ve been meaning to do the last two years.

12. Buy that D800 & 105mm macro lens

Both points above would be pretty easy if I didn’t already have this other goal that I never bother to put on the list: save 4-6 months worth of income in case of an emergency. That computer on my Newegg wish list: probably about 3 months worth of saving. This D800 and 105mm macro lens? That’s about 4-5 months worth of saving. So yeah, even both of these are on the list for 2013, it won’t be a big deal if it slips to 2014. Here’s my sane logic.

My goal in 2012 was to finally pay off my credit card debt that I accrued for the latter half of 2010, 2011, and 2012. I did reach that goal by January 1st, 2013. Yup, I did it, and it felt awesome! So before I go crazy to max out my credit card by buying this stuff I want, I ended up programming a Google Spreadsheet to calculate how much something would cost by the time I paid it off. Seeing the amount of interest I would pay definitely deters me from buying anything on credit—especially when that something is computer tech which gets outdated the moment they ship the product to you. Anyway, so for this entire year, I’m only buying anything if I have the cash for it (unless it’s an emergency… like car repair or something like that). That means if I fail to both build a computer and that photography gear, I still win because I have accrued a good amount of cash into my high interest savings account. Then I can finally spend a bit of it in 2014. So, I already win no matter what (as long as I continue to be debt free through 2013).

Oh yeah, I also wanted to add there’s no way I can buy the D800 without a new computer just because my current computer can’t even handle the images my D7000 produces and a D800 produces images more than twice the size.

13. Be her Adam for your Eve

Honestly, this is one goal that’s not up to me. Instead, I’ll leave this one up to God if He sees it fit for me to finally meet, court, and win my Eve over this year. In the meantime, I have 11 solid compelling goals to aim for. If I can do all these other things on the list prior to the end of 2013, I’ll pray really hard that God helps me finish out this year by completing the last goal for me.

Besides, did you see this list? I’m going to be really busy in 2013. Eve really needs to be the last one on this list otherwise I’ll never get anything done! Honestly, I’ve never been so happy to be single seeing the freedom that I have to do these things.

2013 is going to rock!

  1. []
  2. When I went to Azusa Pacific University, every student needed to log a certain number of ministry credits (in hours served) before graduating. []
  3. Even though is going to be a teaching platform for development, that’s not an intimate interaction which would take place in a mentorship. []

Your thoughts?