Just write

It’s been a good 20 months since I’ve wrote anything. Well, that’s not completely true. I have been writing, but it’s been in a Moleskin (hey, I’ve had a Moleskin-like storage apparatus before it was cool, k?) with mostly notes learned from church and Bible studies as well as my own prayers and devotions. Though, I feel those thoughts ought to be published elsewhere (at least with a better opportunity and legibility of it being seen). I figure it’ll be here.

I don’t expect the writing to be any good. Instead, it should (if it isn’t already), be a flow of thought with (hopefully) a thesis behind a post. And if not, oh well, whatever. I have this urge to start writing again… even if it’s mostly rambling (much like the other million or so blogs out there…)

Fight against spambots!

FYI, I cleaned out the entire user/subscriber list from Word Press.  Majority, if not all, looked like it was from spambots.  If you were a legitimate reader and subscriber to the site, sorry!  Go ahead and register again.  This time around I’m using reCAPTCHA for the registration page.  I’m hoping that curbs the bots that are out there.  I can also tell that  you’re a legitimate subscriber if you have any comments to the site.  Registration isn’t required for commenting anyway, so my guess is that all users registered are from spambots 🙁

That said, if you do register and like to lurk, please at least modify your profile to include your first name so that I know that you’re legitimate 🙂

I’m trying to get reCAPTCHA working on the comments as well, but my current anti-spam filters seem to be working properly for now.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering why reCAPTCHA is different than normal CAPTCHA: http://www.google.com/recaptcha

Yet another scribing experiement

Well, here I am again restarting Single Thread for the 3rd time in ten years.  The site itself was never really activate from the get go.  I wrote a bit more of Single Thread’s background in the About page.  The last scribing blogging experiment I conducted was with j2.  There isn’t much to read there.  The entire site has always been locked down with a login whom myself and a couple of others only had access to.  j2 was a failed experiment in approaching the whole “blogging” and social networking thing that Facebook, et al are already doing so well at.

This time around I’m no longer spending all of my time developing a proper social networking/blogging site, but instead I get to use it.  Yeah, for those who do know me, it is odd that I’m actually “creating” a website without actually doing any development on it.  As I get older, I’m slowly realizing it’s way easier to just use the tool to get the job done versus creating the tool to do said job.  Novel idea, right?  Yes, I’m a bit slow to the party.

With all that said, this site is going to be about my daily walk with my Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ve been a Christian for over ten years, and only now I’m slowly “getting it”.  I’m a stubborn kind of guy.  Whether or not this site would find any value outside of reflecting my own thoughts, it’s something I feel I need to do… even it’s only entertaining all one of you out there.