Walking with Snakes in Each Hand

I don’t remember the last time I wrote about a dream. But this dream I had last night was so vivid that I need to write it down. I also have a good idea what it means, but I want to save my own interpretation for another day.

I found myself out in the desert. It wasn’t like a “desert” what people think of—like the Sahara with mounds and mounds of sand. Instead it was the typical American west-type of desert—which is also something I’m not all that familiar with. But in my dream the desert would be like something you would see in Utah or Arizona (again, making an assumptions of what I’ve seen in pictures and video) where you would see typical desert-like grass and flora along with a few large rocks carving out the open canvas. In my dream I could see ravines and trees tall enough where a hint of the canopy could be seen from a distance.

And this is where we begin. I walked toward one of these ravines. In my right hand I held a snake. I knew I had the snake because a friend of mine wanted me to carry this snake to the ravine. I don’t recall the reason why other than what I can gather is the snake’s home is in that ravine. At this moment, I didn’t know if the snake was poisonous. The snake didn’t bother me much. I just held it and it wrapped itself around my arm and partially around my body. If I had to take a guess, it had to be at least six feet long.

As I kept walking, I found another snake on the ground. I’m not really sure why, but I picked this snake up with my left hand. I must have figured that the ravine was home for snakes and I should take this snake back. I knew this snake I found shouldn’t be trusted. I remember keeping my guard against this snake (but I didn’t pay attention to the snake in my right hand).

There was a ladder going straight into the ravine. There’s no way I could go down this ladder with both snakes in hand. Since my obligation was to bring my friend’s snake into the ravine, I’ll ditch the snake I found. I tried remove the left snake off of my arm, but it got caught on my wrist watch (which is strange because I haven’t worn a wrist watch in over a decade). The snake hung over the ledge and I kept shaking it off. I knew this was anger it and so I shook even faster to get it off of me faster. It just didn’t want to get past my wrist watch. The snake turned and I knew what would happen next. I struck my arm and dug its fangs straight into me. At that point I dropped my friends snake into the ravine just so I could remove my wrist watch. Both snakes fell off of me.

Despite being bitten and in pain (though, I don’t recall bleeding, just two bite marks in my left arm), I still felt like I had the obligation to see that my friend’s snake made it just fine in the ravine. I descended by ladder. Once I got to the bottom, I found both snakes. It looked like the snake I found was going to attack me again, but my friend’s snake came to my “rescue” and ate it. I didn’t stick around to see what would that snake do next. I found myself afraid and hurt. I made my way through the ravine.

I found myself in this weird cave. It wasn’t a completely closed cave. There were openings at the top where the sunlight peered into. I wasn’t alone. It looked like it was occupied by campers. I looked for help. I worried if I didn’t treat this snake bite I was surely going to die. I found it weird that I recognized people in my dream but I don’t know who they are. I just knew that I knew them (but in reality none of them look familiar to me). When I asked for help, they saw the wound but didn’t do much about it. I think one person called 911 for me but didn’t bother helping me in any other way. I kept looking for help to get this wound treated right now, but no one acknowledged the emergency.

I don’t really remember what happened next. I just know that no one really cared.



Your thoughts?