Fight against spambots!

FYI, I cleaned out the entire user/subscriber list from Word Press.  Majority, if not all, looked like it was from spambots.  If you were a legitimate reader and subscriber to the site, sorry!  Go ahead and register again.  This time around I’m using reCAPTCHA for the registration page.  I’m hoping that curbs the bots that are out there.  I can also tell that  you’re a legitimate subscriber if you have any comments to the site.  Registration isn’t required for commenting anyway, so my guess is that all users registered are from spambots :(

That said, if you do register and like to lurk, please at least modify your profile to include your first name so that I know that you’re legitimate :)

I’m trying to get reCAPTCHA working on the comments as well, but my current anti-spam filters seem to be working properly for now.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering why reCAPTCHA is different than normal CAPTCHA: