Here and Now

This song is done by the Ekoh worship team at CCV.  You can sample their album at the iTunes store.  This song has really resonates with me due to the re-identification of myself in these last 6 months.  The lyrics listed here is verbatim from the actual song on the album.  The lyrics listed in the CD inlet is slightly different.

I couldn’t find the exact chords, but I’m pretty sure it’s just D – G – Bm – A.  The bridge is just G – A repeated.  The last measure of the bridge before it goes back to the chorus would be G – Bm instead of G – A.  Please correct me in the comments if I’m off 🙂

I was so far, so far from You
But you pulled me closer, closer to You
And I called out to You and heard Your sweet, sweet voice
And I reached out to You and felt Your touch

In the silence You are speaking
In the stillness You are moving
In the chaos You’re still here
Here with us

I was so lost searching for love
But you are so loving, so loving towards me
And I called out to you, and heard your sweet, sweet voice
And I reached out to you, and felt your touch

God is still moving
God is still speaking
God is still healing
Here and now

You are still moving
You are still speaking
You are still hearing
Here and now

Written by Blaine Stark