Devoted Daily

A buddy of mine and I started doing daily devotions a couple of months ago.  We have a pretty good system to hold each other accountable: if you fail to do your daily devotion, you buy the other guy dinner for that day.  I believe we probably failed a total of 3 to 4 times in the past two and a half months or so.  For myself, I believe that’s a pretty good devotion streak since I have never attempted anything like this as a Christian for 10 years.

There’s really only two things I try to get done first thing in the morning:

  1. Get in the Word (The Bible)
  2. Listen and speak in solitude (Prayer)

As a Christian, getting into the Word should be easy.  The Bible is supposed to be our go-to documentation on life.  It is divine Scripture passed to man from God.  It is the living Word of God. It not only teaches lessons from the past, but I strongly believe its teachings have complete validity in the present and future.  But as I mentioned above, I’ve considered myself a Christian for over 10 years and I haven’t really read the Bible.  Sure, I’ll jump around between books and chapters to get some kind of insightful verse to shoehorn why things are happening to me now, but I haven’t been using the Scripture to aid what I’m really struggling with: prayer.

Up until a few months ago, I mostly treated prayer as a one way communication to God.  Sure, I tried to listen… I really tried.  I believed after a few years of being content on Christianity, I forgot what God’s voice sounded like.  And now, I struggle to recognize His voice.  That’s a problem.  I chose to follow Jesus Christ, and now I fail to recognize Him.  Has He abandoned me?  Never!  But I feel there are times it feels like I’ve given up on Him—my lack of devotion.

This is how my motivation for my daily devotions come from.  I’m living in stagnation.  I know there’s more to life than this.   Instead of living daily through drudgery, it’s time to discover how I will remove this life of discontentment.  And I will do it through these two things: absorbing the Word and prayer.

Yet another scribing experiement

Well, here I am again restarting Single Thread for the 3rd time in ten years.  The site itself was never really activate from the get go.  I wrote a bit more of Single Thread’s background in the About page.  The last scribing blogging experiment I conducted was with j2.  There isn’t much to read there.  The entire site has always been locked down with a login whom myself and a couple of others only had access to.  j2 was a failed experiment in approaching the whole “blogging” and social networking thing that Facebook, et al are already doing so well at.

This time around I’m no longer spending all of my time developing a proper social networking/blogging site, but instead I get to use it.  Yeah, for those who do know me, it is odd that I’m actually “creating” a website without actually doing any development on it.  As I get older, I’m slowly realizing it’s way easier to just use the tool to get the job done versus creating the tool to do said job.  Novel idea, right?  Yes, I’m a bit slow to the party.

With all that said, this site is going to be about my daily walk with my Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ve been a Christian for over ten years, and only now I’m slowly “getting it”.  I’m a stubborn kind of guy.  Whether or not this site would find any value outside of reflecting my own thoughts, it’s something I feel I need to do… even it’s only entertaining all one of you out there.