Single Thread started out in early 2000 when I moved from Upcountry Maui to Los Angeles.  The website, which was born before the whole “blogging” craze erupted, received its inspiration from KeaL of Starship Boy—a Jpop-themed website where its graphical design and music selection would change every single Sunday.  Single Thread was to take the same concept but use American pop culture as its basis.

Both design and music selection took a much slower pace than Starship Boy (changes occurred every other week versus every Sunday).  Single Thread began to develop a smaller but popular subsection called Chatsworth.  My formal high-school-nemesis-turned-great–friend, Ben, partnered with me on the Chatsworth project to find new artists.  It was supposed to be their small corner of the web to express their prose, poetry, and photography.

Single Thread lost its edge after a year it went live.  The site concept design had died.  Until now, there was only a picture of my best friend, Hanzo, on a white background with random quotes from fortune.

Besides my other limited scribing experiment, j2, this new Single Thread has be revived to aid in my exploration in my walk in faith and discipline with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope this is Single Thread’s last makeover.